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Scenic Byways

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aerial view of Highway 1 at the Bixby Bridge, image
Photo caption
California's scenic Highway 1 snakes along the coast and over the Bixby Bridge at Big Sur.

Road trip fans know it's not about the destination; it's about the path taken to get there. But with 3.9 million miles of U.S. public roads, picking a path can be tough. You'll find info and inspiration from the National Scenic Byways program at The Web site allows visitors to gather ideas, plan trips, and share adventures. Photos offer proof of each byway's stunning scenery; maps and facts about roadside lodging and gas reduce your chances of getting stranded. Choose from among 96 roads that meander past pretty views or landmarks such as the campsites of Lewis and Clark, the splendors of Hearst Castle, and even a statue of Mike, the Headless Chicken (hint: Fruita, Colo.). Bring a camera to capture the beauty, the history, the memorials to chickens you're bound to encounter when driving in the scenic lane.

Photography courtesy of Robert J. Boser EditorASC/Wikipedia

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