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Solving Road Disputes

Avoid travel squabbles with these reader tips.

solve road disputes, illustration by michael klein
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Are you having navigation disputes when you drive with someone else? Come up with a solution to end tension.

Plenty of Via readers use AAA maps, TripTiks, and TourBook guides to get from place to place without squabbles. Here are some more methods.

"A compass ball on the dash keeps the peace," says Margaret C. Walton of Hayward, Calif.

"My husband and I take turns choosing where to turn," says Patti Smith of Beaverton, Ore.

"We have Faith, our portable GPS unit," says Paul Bianchina of Bend, Ore."She's always calm and never has to be folded."

"What the navigator says goes; that's the privilege and responsibility of the job," says Jan Hasak of Paradise, Calif.

"Stop and ask for directions," advises Charles Felipe of Concord, Calif.

"Sing your disputes to each other," suggests Marie Spackman of Las Vegas. "You all end up laughing."

Illustration by Michael Klein

This article was first published in November 2009. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.