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Master Basket Weaver

root basket by Jennie Thlunaut
Photo caption
This spruce root basket was the last one master weaver Jennie Thlunaut made.

Tlingit master weaver Jennie Thlunaut created this basket—her last—when she was 95. Spruce root baskets, made by Tlingit women, are woven from long roots gathered in spring, boiled, split, and cured, then twined with dyed grass stems for decoration. Thlunaut’s handwritten record of a story told on one of her blankets is shown with her and many others’ weavings at the Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center in Haines, Alaska. (907) 766-2366,

Photography by Matt Davis


This article was first published in May 2008. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information<