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Cheap Gas of Yesteryear

antique gas pumps from Reiff's Gas Station in Woodland, Calif., image
Photo caption
The pumps at Reiff's Gas Station in Woodland, Calif., evoke a simpler era.

Reiff’s Gas Station in Woodland, Calif., is actually Mark Reiff’s home, restyled as a lustrous tribute to the days of smiling attendants and 17–cents–a–gallon gas. Out front are shiny pumps (sorry, out of order) and such displays as a 1950s diner and a car crash—complete with skid marks—that’s fooled at least one local cop. Around the property are 35 vintage pumps (one from 1909) and a neon–edged 1939 Shell sign mounted 16 feet high. When Reiff is home, the house and backyard are open. "I ask people in, and they say, 'We always wanted to come in!' " Reiff says. "I tell them, 'All you had to do was knock.' " 52 Jefferson St., (530) 666-1758.

Photography by Kim Steele

This article was first published in July 2006. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.