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Active Trips Made Easy

A AAA travel counselor suggests four things that will help make your next travel adventure fun and easy.

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Renting equipment at your destination makes packing and traveling easier.


Leave gear at home When it comes to space-hogging items—golf clubs, skis, scuba equipment, surfboards—it's usually better to rent at your destination than to bring your own. It might cost a little more, AAA Travel Counselor Michael Giorgetti says, "but it saves you the worry of loss or damage en route, not to mention baggage fees and the headache of hauling stuff around."

Plan far ahead Whether you're booking lift tickets, tee times, or trail permits, the best activity windows in prime locations get snapped up well in advance. "The sooner you book, the better," Giorgetti advises. "A year out isn't too soon."

Pack light Don't be tempted to account for every eventuality of weather or whim. "If it turns out you need a windbreaker," Giorgetti says, "chances are you can buy one at your destination."

Know your skills Not everyone can handle Class V rapids or a black diamond ski run. Giorgetti recommends you consider on-site lessons or outfitters that cater to your group's levels of experience.

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This article was first published in Winter 2016. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.