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Places to Visit in Oregon & Idaho

Places to Visit in Oregon and Idaho

Discover places to see and things to do in Oregon and Idaho. Plan a beach vacation, find a mountain resort, and explore activities and attractions in great destinations like Portland, Boise, and Bend.

  • Seaside, Ore.

    A sweeping beach, a boardwalk, and the Promenade draw summer vacationers to a coastal mecca.

  • Friendly Brewpubs

    Beer joints in Oregon, Nevada, California, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho rank high with fans.

  • Geological Wonders

    Ten dramatic sites in California, Arizona, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Idaho reveal how the surreal landscape of...

  • Portland's Velvet Museum

    The Velveteria, an offbeat collection of hundreds of velvet paintings, includes works with clowns, John Wayne, and banditos.

  • Hood River Express

    Board Mount Hood Railroad's Fruit Blossom Special for history, fruit, and an annual arts festival Oregon-style.

  • Automotive Museums

    VIA readers share their favorite places to see vintage vehicles in Nevada, Utah, Washington, California, and Oregon.