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Places to Visit in Montana, Wyoming, & Alaska

Places to Visit in Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska

Find the best things to do and places to visit in Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska. From lively cities and frontier towns to pristine wilderness areas and national parks, discover the charms of these wonderful western states.

  • The Lightning Field

    An unusual art installation by Walter De Maria in the high desert of New Mexico draws curious art and lightning lovers.

  • Geological Wonders

    Ten dramatic sites in California, Arizona, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Idaho reveal how the surreal landscape of...

  • Cody, Wyo.

    A bona fide Western destination appeals to museum-goers with the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, and ropes in cowboys, hikers...

  • Montana's Geese Spectacle

    At Freezeout Lake, you can view a multitude of lesser snow geese, Ross's geese, blue geese, and tundra swans in spring.

  • Three Forks, Mont.

    Visit the headwaters of the Missouri River and check out local history spots such as the Madison Buffalo Jump and Sacajawea...

  • Automotive Museums

    VIA readers share their favorite places to see vintage vehicles in Nevada, Utah, Washington, California, and Oregon.

  • Glamorous Camping

    Luxury camps offer cushy sleeps, gourmet eats, and an easy way to rough it in California, Montana, and British Columbia.