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Places to Visit in California

Places to Visit in California

Disneyland, national parks, redwood forests, ski resorts, and beaches—California has it all.  Find the best places to visit and things to do in California, from Northern California to the Southern California coast. Your California vacation starts here.

  • Yolo County Drive

    Highway 16 meanders through 50 miles of fields and orchards in rural Capay Valley and Cache Creek Canyon.

  • Wildflower Hot Spots

    Antelope Valley and Point Reyes in California and Catherine Creek in Washington deliver springtime color.

  • Peanuts Curio

    Pick up a Snoopy two-piece salt and pepper shaker at the Snoopy's Home Complex in Santa Rosa, Calif.

  • Automotive Museums

    VIA readers share their favorite places to see vintage vehicles in Nevada, Utah, Washington, California, and Oregon.

  • Glamorous Camping

    Luxury camps offer cushy sleeps, gourmet eats, and an easy way to rough it in California, Montana, and British Columbia.