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Via’s top travel writers have weighed in on the pros and cons of, well, you name it and they have an opinion. Read their back and forth and rate the debates.

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Debate: Do We Need More Golf Courses? Some say greens beat parking lots, while others say they use too many precious resources. Two outdoor enthusiasts drive home their points.

Debate: Best Food City in the West? Portland has this year’s rising star chef. San Francisco has Michelin stars. Both have great food. Two local gourmands dish on behalf of their cities.

Debate: Are Farmers' Markets Too Costly? Whether you think you’ll be accosted by hippies or buoyed by nature’s bounty, this shopping alternative is catching on.

Debate: Wine Shop or Vineyard Stop? Two oenophiles argue the relative merits of visiting a vineyard’s tasting room versus sticking to your favorite local wine shop.

Debate: Should we Save Old-Growth Trees? Saw 'em or save 'em? The question is not answerable, but it’s fun to hear two fervent partisans argue their perspectives.

Debate: Plan Ahead or Wing It? One vacationer learned the hard way to book hotel rooms in advance. The other learned he prefers not to be tied down. Which is the best way to travel?

Debate: RV or Motel? Is it better to stay in accommodations that move with you or stay put? Two travelers argue on behalf of their preferences.

Debate: Unwind or Recharge on Vacation? He likes to lounge by the pool. She opts for active travel. Which kind of trip do you prefer?

Debate: Window Seat or Aisle Seat? Where do you prefer to sit on an airplane? Two travelers weigh the options.

Debate: DVD Players in Cars? Is a backseat video player a blessing or a curse for long road trips? Two travelers weigh the pros and cons.