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Find Via's favorite food and wine destinations, including restaurants, food trucks, gourmet cheeses, pubs, wineries, and recipes.

  • Ten Spoon Vineyard

    Winemakers Connie Poten and Andy Sponseller of a Missoula, Mont., winery produce vintage table wines.

  • Eateries with Home-Grown Food

    California restaurants such as Zazu, Go Fish, Village Pub, Cliff House, and Applewood Inn use ingredients from their own gard...

  • Breakfast Places

    Diners and cafes in California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, and South Dakota serve up hearty breakfasts...

  • Goat Dairies

    Sample chevre (goat cheese) and pet a goat at one of these farms in the West.

  • Slow Food Queen

    Anya Fernald, executive director of the Slow Food Nation festival, discusses good clean eating.

  • Vietnamese Restaurants

    Chefs working with fresh ingredients and artful presentations are wowing diners in cities on the West Coast.