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Find Via's favorite food and wine destinations, including restaurants, food trucks, gourmet cheeses, pubs, wineries, and recipes.

  • Garlic

    The lowdown on garlic—its history, its uses, and the best places to find it.

  • Island Fast Food

    Surfboards, aloha shirted employees, and Hawaiian food greet customers at the ever-expanding chain L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.

  • Burrata Cheese

    A creamy and delectable cheese is popping up at restaurants around the West.

  • Goat Dairies

    Sample chevre (goat cheese) and pet a goat at one of these farms in the West.

  • Pan-American Eateries

    Cooking that blends Central and South American ingredients and recipes is popping up in West Coast restaurants.

  • Juicy Fruit

    Heirloom tomatoes star in two California tomato festivals.