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Readers' Favorite Spooky Spots

AAA members tell us the places they think are the spookiest in Oregon, Washington, and California.

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people test the mysteries of the Oregon Vortex in Gold Hills, picture
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Photo: Tyler Tjomsland/The Oregonian
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The Oregon Vortex is a short drive off I-5.

"For Twilight Zone eeriness, you can't beat the Oregon Vortex. In Gold Hill lies Oregon's own little Bermuda Triangle, where navigation instruments go crazy, balls roll uphill, and your assumptions and perceptions are challenged." —Andrea Dobson

"With the fog pressing down, rain drip-dripping off the mossy trees, and the denseness around you—in a location so remote that no one can hear you scream—the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington's Olympic National Park is pretty spooky." —Jennifer Archer 

"For me, one of the spookiest places in Oregon is McMenamins' Kennedy School in Portland. Displayed throughout the building and grounds are old-time class photos and eerie paintings of former students and teachers. The ghosts of the past can definitely be felt!" —Jennifer Allen 

"Manzanar National Historic Site, a Japanese American internment camp off Highway 395 in California's Owens Valley comes to mind. It has an odd feeling to it as the wind blows off the Sierra Nevada." —Randy Keller

"There's a place on earth that opened up and spewed fire / Now red rock remains where the volcanoes conspired. / Just follow that trail, through the woods you'll find, / Deep in the talus caves the bats now reside. / Pinnacles National Park in California, / the spookiest place on Earth, but I did warn ya!" —Rachel Kyle

"If the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose doesn't have your hair standing on end and your teeth chattering, nothing will." —Cheryl Eby

This article was first published in November 2016. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.