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Q & A with Writer Molly Caro May

Writer Molly Caro May found inspiration in the Montana wilderness.

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Molly Caro May has worked as a barista and a vegetable farmer.

Some people would feel jarred by a move from a New York City apartment to a Montana yurt. But Molly Caro May was liberated. May chronicles her physical and emotional relocation in The Map of Enough: One Woman’s Search for Place. She discussed her book and her new surroundings from her home south of Bozeman.

Q Why Montana?
A It was a shot in the dark. My husband, Chris, and I needed a place where we wouldn’t have to pay much rent. My parents owned 107 acres in the Gallatin Valley, so we made the move.

Q Where exactly are you?
A We’re between Cottonwood Creek and the Gallatin River, and we can see five mountain ranges. We feel held by the mountains.

Q Your book has been well received?
A Yes. Kirkus Reviews compared me to Annie Proulx, which was exciting.

Q Have you found “enough”?
A I had always been looking for the next best place. Living in the yurt, I realized that my search was internal. I needed to fill the emptiness from within.

Q What are some of your favorite Montana spots?
A Norris Hot Springs, for sure. We take long hikes through the Spanish Peaks. I like to visit Martinsdale’s abandoned train depot, a bleak spot in the Montana desert. Mostly, I just love Western landscapes, especially on snowy, sunny, juniper-tree days.

Photography by Christopher Kautz

This article was first published in September 2014. Some facts my have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.