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Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery

Anyone can be a winner at Oregon's hands-on gaming museum.

Monopoly game displayed at Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery in Beaverton, Oregon picture
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Photo: Shawn Linehan
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The ever-popular Monopoly game made its debut in 1935.

Roll the dice, spin the wheel, flip a card: It's all fun and games at the Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery in Beaverton, Ore. More than 3,700 games await your skill and luck, from classics like Monopoly, Sorry, and Uno to such curiosities as Watergate Scandal, the Charlie's Angels board game, and Guillotine. The collection also includes early video game consoles from Atari, PlayStation, and Nintendo, numerous jigsaw puzzles, and mind-bending brainteasers, all of which you can enjoy on-site (and some of which you can buy in the museum store).

"Everyone from grade-schoolers to retirees comes to play," says Kyle Engen, who opened the museum in 2013 with his wife, Carol Mathewson. Their goal was to entertain and educate visitors on the history and beauty of structured play—with rules and objectives—as opposed to open-ended play.

Rotating exhibits include games from American Indian cultures and a look at game designers from the Pacific Northwest. Inspired to create your own? Come to Game Design Night on Thursdays and discover whether your idea is a winner.

This article was first published in Summer 2016. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.