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Maria Streshinsky

Maria left her watermark all over VIA. The former managing editor of VIA, Maria crafted pieces on Utah's Yampa and San Juan rivers, the Klamath River in Northern California, and Alaska's Inside Passage. She also flew to the middle of the world's largest ocean and reported back on the Midway atoll, where she was lulled to sleep at night by the gentle cooings of a million albatrosses.

After serving as a managing editor at Atlantic Monthly, Maria is now the editor-in-chief at Miller-McCune.


From the writer

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  • Napa

    You can still find the quiet side of Napa Valley, along with world class wines.

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  • The Yampa River

    Raft through Dinosaur National Monument in the Colorado-Utah borderlands.

  • Classic San Juan Bautista

    The town made famous by Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo is much the same as it was in "the old California days."

  • Whistler/Blackcomb

    North America's consummate ski scene in the coastal mountains of British Columbia.

  • Bass Lake

    Remember the classic, summer family vacation in the mountains? It's still there.