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Lynn Ferrin

A doyenne of travel, Lynn Ferrin served 37 years at Motorland and Via, including seven years as the magazine's editor-in-chief. After her retirement from Via, Lynn worked as a freelance writer based in San Francisco. Lynn passed away in 2011, leaving behind fellow travelers, editors, and friends whose lives were richer for having known her.

From the writer

  • Hong Kong

    Bird market, jade market, goldfish market, computer market—all offer glimpses into the rich local culture of this great city...

  • Known Waters

    The San Francisco Bay, the Delta, and the Napa River offer nearby cruising adventures.

  • Honolulu

    When you're planning a vacation in the Hawaiian Islands, best not to think of Honolulu as a beach resort. Consider it instead...

  • Portugal: River of Sweet Wine

    In recent years the wild waters of Rio Douro have been stilled by dams, and the river is more like a series of slender lakes....

  • South Lake Tahoe

    Slots and solitude: there's something for everyone at the Sierra's big blue mountain lake.

  • Behind the Volcanos

    A journey in Mexico's central highlands old colonial towns of Tlaxcala and Cholula, and the fabulous pre-Hispanic frescoes of...