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Kate Washington

Kate Washington is a freelance food and travel writer and editor based in Sacramento. She was formerly associate food editor for Sunset magazine. Her work has also appeared in such publications as the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, and Williams-Sonoma TASTE magazine.

From the writer

  • Olive Oil Tastings

    Sample fresh California olive oil at McEvoy Ranch, the Olive Press, Lodestar Olive Oil, Pasolivo, and Dry Creek Olive Company...

  • Delta Drive

    Take a road trip through the sights and sounds of the Sacramento River Delta.

  • Great National Park Food

    Chefs at Yosemite, Yellowstone, Olympic National Park, Crater Lake, and other parks serve up natural meats in natural setting...

  • Basque Eateries

    Basque restaurants in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho offer communal eating and specialties like oxtail stew.

  • Burrata Cheese

    A creamy and delectable cheese is popping up at restaurants around the West.