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John Goepel

Former senior editor John Goepel joined the magazine's staff in 1982 and eventually became an expert on its long publishing history. He contributed numerous automotive-related articles during his 25-year tenure as well as stories on Napa's di Rosa Preserve of contemporary Bay Area art, Santa Barbara, Seattle, San Luis Obispo, and flying in a vintage plane in Sonoma.

From the writer

  • Las Vegas

    The smart money continues to bet on family gambling as the rollout of new mega attractions continue.

  • American Queen

    Rolling down the Mississippi in style onboard a modern paddle wheel steamship.

  • Columbia River

    America's second biggest river just keeps rollin' along through some of the best and most accessible scenery in the Northwest...

  • Detroit - Motown Celebrates

    People had built a car here and a car there before, but no one had a production run of identical cars. It was the birth of Am...

  • Monterey: Moody Blue

    The Monterey Bay Aquarium's new Outer Bay wing gets you 50 miles out and 300 feet down—without getting you wet.

  • Washington's Mount St. Helens

    When Mount St. Helens erupted, southern Washington wasn’t toasted, but it was scrambled. The just-completed Spirit Lake Memor...

  • The Skeena Railroad

    Roll through Canada in a Vista Dome, from the ocean flecked with foam through scenic valleys and mountains.

  • Finland

    Finnish finesse from Helsinki to Mariehamn—and some steamy saunas too