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Writer Dean Blaine
Dean Blaine

Dean Blaine is a freelance writer living in Las Vegas.

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  • The Romance Coach

    Paul Xanthopoulos, director of romance for the Royal Palms Resort and Spa, shares some advice for Valentine’s Day.

  • West Coast Ships and Boats

    Visit a floating museum and see what life was like aboard an ocean liner, a riverboat, aircraft carriers, a submarine, and on...

  • Youth Hostels

    Here are some Web sites and tips for staying in youth hostels that will help you save money.

  • Backstage in Vegas

    With the new All Access Backstage Walk Tour at Bally’s, you can peek behind the scenes of Jubilee!—one of the longest-running...

  • Pescadero, Calif., Getaway

    Escape to a tiny town on the Central Coast for Pescadero State Beach, Butano State Park, and a trove of interesting shops.

  • The Atomic Museum

    Las Vegas’ new Atomic Testing Museum explores the role that the Nevada Test Site played in U.S. history.

  • Nevada’s Cowboy Country

    Elko, in eastern Nevada, hosts the Cowboy Poetry Gathering every year and delivers a bit of Basque culture as well.