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Sacramento Ice Cream Joints

Posted by Jenna Mukuno on July 09, 2013
Vic's Ice Cream counter in Sacramento California, image
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Vic's on Riverside Boulevard in Sacramento serves up a helping of nostalgia along with its ice cream delights.

Road Journals Blog—Sacramento enjoys a long ice cream season thanks to hot temperatures through late September. Stay cool in summer with a treat from one of the capital’s sweet spots.

Dave Pops
Lactose intolerants take note: these popsicles maintain the creamy texture of ice cream without a trace of dairy. It may take a bit of hunting to find Dave’s cart, which is stationed on different days at parks and farmer’s markets across Sacramento, but the Mango Mandarin Orange and Root Beer flavors are worth the search. Various locations,

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
Luxe is the first word that comes to mind when perusing these ice cream confections, which are made in micro-batches using organic milk. The Parisian macaron ice cream sandwiches may be the most popular item, but my head spun after a single taste of the frozen hot chocolate parfait. At summer ice cream socials, you can taste unique flavors like basil and saffron. 1801 L St.,

Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop
Even WWII rations on sugar and cream couldn’t stop this 1940 establishment from using 16% butterfat cream. The butter brickle is a prime example of how rich their ice creams are. Secure a spot in one of the shop’s wooden booths, and you can continue to ogle what others have ordered. 2801 Franklin Blvd.,

The fact that this mom-and-pop Japanese confectionary store is approaching its 50th anniversary is no surprise to local Sacramentans. A scoop of ice cream served with shaved ice—try vanilla and orange—creates a surprising mix of light and filling. Be sure to pick up some colorful mochi (sweet rice cakes) and manju (a confection with red bean paste) on your way out. 2215 10th St.,

Vic’s Ice Cream
Searching for the classic ice cream parlor experience? Head to this Land Park institution. Belly up to the counter for the kind of ice cream pies, caramel sundaes, and banana splits that you envision in dreams. The menu doesn’t change and that’s precisely why you come back. 3199 Riverside Blvd.,

Photography by Jenna Mukuno

This blog post was first published in July 2013. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.