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Mike Blasky

Celebrate the History of Travel and Look to the Future

Posted by Mike Blasky on May 09, 2018
AAA Self-Driving Shuttle Las Vegas, picture
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Self-driving vehicles are the way of the future, but you don't have to wait! You can ride AAA's free autonomous shuttle in downtown Las Vegas now.

You might occasionally curse your commute or rage at the road, but history tells us that today’s travelers have it pretty good.

Before the car, traveling through America was a true paperback adventure: The horse-and-buggy ruled the few roads that existed, and travelers had to navigate treacherous terrains and dangerous conditions for weeks to traverse distances we can go in a few hours today.

At the dawn of the invention of the automobile, many traditionalists scoffed at the notion that a motor car would be a reliable transportation option versus the steady, dependable horse.

Today’s traditionalists might be singing a similar tune. While the driver has ruled the road for the last hundred years, industry experts say the self-driving car will be just as consequential to the future of transportation when they become the dominant transportation option over the next few decades.

“While we’ve made incredible transportation improvements over the last century, more than a million people are killed every year in auto crashes, and daily commute times are growing in almost every city,” said John Moreno, who manages public affairs for AAA in Northern California and six other Western states. “Imagine what a world looks like without the stress of a long commute or the threat of a drunken driver.”

Last year, AAA launched the nation’s first self-driving shuttle for the public in Las Vegas to give people a firsthand look at how autonomous technology is being developed.

While we wait self-driving vehicles to go mainstream, you can find us exploring with new technology like hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, getting out of town in adventure-ready car sharing, and planning for the road trip of the future.

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