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Writer Josh Sens

Barrio Logan: San Diego Hot Spot

Posted by Josh Sens on August 29, 2017
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The neighborhood's diversity, art, and eateries have transformed San Diego's Barrio Logan into a destination all its own.

Though many residents refer to it as El Ombiglo—the navel, or center of the world—Barrio Logan, a scruffy-chic neighborhood in southeastern San Diego, has been largely overlooked by out-of-towners. But that’s changing, thanks to an explosion of cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and other attractions. Here are four reasons to visit Barrio Logan now:

Cafe Moto

Primarily known as a coffee roaster, this family-run business now boasts a welcoming cafe in its LEED-certified space. The decor is motorcycle themed, the counters are stocked with fresh-baked pastries, and the amiable baristas are skilled at all manner of java preparation. The espresso drinks are killer, but on a sun-splashed San Diego day, the house-special cold-brewed ice coffee is hard to beat.


In a neighborhood just a short drive from the Mexican border, cross-cultural influences are everywhere. They’re clearly evident in this bustling restaurant, which slings tacos, ceviches, and other traditional street food along with an assortment of local craft beers. On Saturdays and Sundays, long lines form for the menudo, a classic tripe and hominy soup served with warm tortillas.

Bread & Salt

Once home to a large commercial bakery, this sprawling warehouse has been transformed into an experimental art center and performance space that spotlights the work of San Diego artists. On the second Saturday of every month, it flings back its doors, as do other local galleries, for the Barrio Art Crawl, a self-guided tour that brings the neighborhood’s vibrant art scene into sharp relief.

Mercado del Barrio

An expansive residential and retail project under the Coronado Bridge, this market contains multitudes. If you’re craving a craft beer, try the Iron Fist Brewing Company. On the sweeter side, there’s Tocumbo Ice Cream, specializing in house-made sorbets, chocolate-dipped popsicles, and a rainbow coalition of ice cream flavors ranging from old-fashioned chocolate and vanilla to more exotic options like corn and soursop fruit. One of the Mercado’s more recent openings is one of its most inviting: Mariscos el Pulpo, a lively restaurant serving a variety of ceviches and seafood cocktails.