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Where to Buy the Stars' Clothes

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Feeling like Fred or Wilma Flinstone? Well, these are the clothes for you.


Ever wonder what happens to the clothes that stars sport in the movies and on TV? The outrageous dresses that Sarah Jessica Parker parades in on Sex and the City? The bicep-revealing T-shirt that Brad Pitt modeled in The Mexican? They go to It's A Wrap!, a retail store in Burbank, Calif., that sells Hollywood's glam rags to regular folks like you and me.

Founder Jan Hallman Dion first came up with the idea to resell clothing used in movies, TV, and commercials over 20 years ago, when she auctioned off several trailers' worth of wardrobe for CBS. Since then, Dion and her business partner and daughter, aptly named Tiara, have sold thousands of shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, hats, shoes, costumes, and accessories, many of them coming from Disney, NBC, Warner Bros., and Universal.

At It's A Wrap!, the stock is marked according to film or TV program of origin. It's also cleaned before hitting the racks—good news for those squeamish about wearing used clothes, sad news for those who were hoping to bask in the scent of their favorite celeb. It's A Wrap! is located at 3315 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank; (818) 567-7366,

Photography by David Zaitz


This article was first published in November 2003. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.