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Wet and slippery rides await you in Washington, Montana, California, and Wyoming.

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Person on waterslide, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, Butte, Mont., image
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A rider slides down this five-story spiral in Butte, Mont.


Even on your 12th run, each twist and turn on the five-story waterslide at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, just west of Butte, Mont., presents a surprise. Enclosed in a tube, you speed through warm spray until you land in a naturally heated pool. On the climb back to the top, take in views of the resort. With a pair of 102-degree soaking pools, not to mention steak dinners and river-rock massages, it offers many opportunities for relaxing after you’ve waterslid all you want. (800) 332-3272,

If water’s not your thing, try shooting down a slide on a sled with rubber wheels at Snow King Resort in Jackson, Wyo. A chairlift whisks you to the top, then it’s two minutes to the bottom. (307) 733-5200,

At Wild Waves, just south of Seattle, a lot can happen in only 30 seconds. The Zooma Falls ride swoops you through 515 feet of twisting chutes, then drops you into a splash pool. (253) 661-8000,

A water-breathing monster rules over the star attraction at the new Raging Waters in Sacramento, Calif. The Dragon's Den waterslide sends you snaking down five stories of spirals. (916) 924-3747,

Photography by Janie Osborne


This article was first published in July 2007. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.