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An intriguing roundup explores dinosaurs, hoodoos, tide pools, and a famous lake with a volcanic past.

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skeleton of Deinosuchus in the Natural History Museum in Utah, image
Photo caption
A Deinosuchus at the Natural History Museum in Utah shows his impressive chompers.

You don’t have to be a marine biologist to enjoy the intricate world of a tide pool or a paleontologist to find new dinosaur discoveries exciting. You just have to have a desire to understand the science of things—or a docent who can explain it to you. Left-brainers rejoice at some of the West’s most impressive phenomena.


Dinosaurs: Terrible lizards at sites across the West Tide Pools: Fragile habitats on the Pacific Coast Geological Wonders: Ten rocking destinations from lava fields to surreal hoodoos City of Rocks: A geological tour of Idaho's granite monoliths and towers Crater Lake: Southern Oregon's natural wonder

Photography courtesy of Daderot/Wikipedia

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