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A Monument to a Well-traveled Dog

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a statue of Lewis and Clark's dog, image
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A bronze memorial salutes Seaman, a Newfoundland, that traveled with Lewis and Clark.


Lassie, Toto, Old Yeller. None of those old hounds holds a biscuit to this tough puppy. Seaman, the Newfoundland who accompanied Lewis and Clark from St. Louis to the Pacific, survived grizzlies, bison, and even a feisty beaver during the two-year journey. His feats earned him a bronze memorial at the Sacajawea Center’s 71-acre park in Salmon, Idaho. Sculptors William Kranstover and Adrian Prazten cast the statue in such vivid detail that visiting dogs bark in surprise. (208) 756-1188,

Photography by Andrew Geiger


This article was first published in July 2007. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.