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Eastern Idaho's Spouting Geyser

Visit the world's only captive geyser in Soda Springs, Idaho.

Soda Springs geyser gushes, image
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Enjoy the geyser's burst from a walkway or benches.


Jostling along in covered wagons, Oregon Trail pioneers once stopped to rest around natural springs in a spot now called Soda Springs, Idaho. These days, it’s curiosity rather than fatigue that prompts travelers to pull over at the town’s Geyser Park, home of the world’s only captive geyser.

It first sprang to life back in 1937, when workers drilling for warm water for a swimming pool hit the source 315 feet down. Like champagne propelled from a bottle, bubbly water shot more than 100 feet straight into the air.

The darned thing didn’t stop, so locals eventually decided to cap it and rig a timed valve that allows the geyser to erupt hourly. Visitors watch the show from a nearby boardwalk.

Old Faithful it ain’t, but then Old Faithful doesn’t have its own Geyser Pride Days in August with bed races and a beard contest. (208) 547-2600,

Photography by Marek Zuk/Alamy

This article was first published in July 2014. Some facts my have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.