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antique doll by Aristide Halopeau
Photo caption
A delicate Aristide M. Halopeau antique doll presents a bouquet of flowers.


From her hand-painted bisque face and glass blue eyes to her intricate lace dress and fancy leather shoes, this French belle is a prime specimen of the exquisite dolls made by Aristide M. Halopeau from 1882 to 1889. Now extremely rare, Halopeau’s dolls have sold in auctions for more than $100,000. See this precious antique at the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art in Bellevue, Wash., which displays 1,200 dolls created from 1680 to the present. (425) 455-1116,

Photography by Charles Backus/Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art


This article was first published in March 2009. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.