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Traveling with Friends

A few recommendations that may make for a harmonious trip.

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Interests and budgets may vary and can affect a trip with friends.

"The people you have so much in common with at home might not be as compatible on the road." —AAA Travel Counselor, Shawna Copeland

talk beforehand

Copeland recommends you discuss expectations with your friends—who pays for what, what you're most hoping to get out of the trip—before you get into the details. "Then your travel agent can help put together a plan that works for everyone," she says.

make room

Early birds and night owls keep different schedules, so it's best if each kind of sleeper has his or her own room. If you have to share, Copeland says, aim for a large room with separate beds.

consider a cruise

"They're great for groups because there are so many activities and all the logistics are handled for you," Copeland says. She also suggests renting a house—such as a beachfront home, a wine country villa, or a downtown condo—where there's lots for everyone to see and do.

allow for alone time

Not every activity works for everyone. "You don't have to stick together the entire time," Copeland says. "Feel free to break away and do your own thing. And don't be offended if someone else wants to do the same."

This article was first published in Summer 2016. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.