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Traveling During Major Events

A few recommendations for smoother traveling at popular times.

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Take local tours to see the town and you can skip driving and having to park.

“Don’t let high prices and scarce rooms keep you from experiencing something you really want to experience.” —AAA Travel Counselor Margie Neider

Book Early

Plane tickets, hotel rooms, tours, and other items can cost much less if you buy them in advance. "Even a year ahead isn't too early," Neider says. AAA Travel counselors often have access to special rates.

Pack Heavy

Everyday goods from toothpaste to T-shirts are often marked up during popular events, so the less you have to buy on the ground, the better. "Especially if the event is international," Neider says, "it makes sense to pack more necessities than usual."

Travel Local-Style

Buses, trains, and private drivers can save you money and headaches during busy times. Familiarize yourself with the options before setting off. Weigh the cost of the rental car, parking, gas, and other incidentals against the price of local services.

Insure Yourself

Unexpected snags, from lost luggage to canceled flights, can spoil the best-laid plans. Guard against them with insurance from AAA Travel. As Neider points out, "There's no substitute for peace of mind."

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This article was updated in April 2018. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.