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How to Pick the Right Vacation Tour for You

Determine what kind of travel package fits your comfort and convenience levels.

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"Package tours are not one size fits all."—AAA Travel Counselor Toni Snyder

THE WHERE AND WHEN Headed for the tropics or the European continent? Consider traveling off-season. Snyder says, "Prices drop by about 30 percent, and you'll have the beach or the museum pretty much to yourself."

HANDS OFF OR HANDS HELD? Some people prefer group tours. Others like to venture out on their own. "Think about your interest and comfort levels," Snyder says. "Then pick the itinerary that's right for you."

LUXURY AND LOCATION What Diamond rating is your hotel? Is it in a city center or at the edge of town? Comforts and conveniences can vary. "It comes down to what sort of traveler you are and what is important to you."

WHAT'S IN ALL-INCLUSIVE? Ask which meals are covered and where you'll eat. Inquire about museums and other tour attractions that may—or may not—be included in the package price.

THE UPSIDE OF AN AGENT No matter how hard you look, AAA Travel counselors can likely find lower prices. "And if your trip hits a snag, such as a flight delay, we're there to help until you get home," Snyder says.

This article was first published in Spring 2017. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.

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