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Windshield Repair Can Save You Money

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You don’t usually think of broken glass as fixable, but small chips and dings in auto windshields often can be repaired.

This type of damage, sometimes caused by a bit of gravel kicked up by another vehicle, commonly can be fixed by an auto glass shop.

Car windshields are made by sandwiching plastic between two pieces of glass. If damage is not extensive, windshields usually can be repaired by injecting liquid plastic into the damaged area. This can be far more economical than windshield replacement.

Some insurance companies are encouraging policy holders to choose repair over replacement. CSAA’s Inter-Insurance Bureau shares the savings with its policy holders who carry comprehensive coverage and choose repair over replacement by waiving the deductible. In other words, there’s no cost to the policy holder. Repairs typically can be performed when the damage is less than three inches long or two inches in diameter and is outside the driver’s direct line of sight.


This article was first published in May 1997. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.