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Tow Mater and Cars Land Opening

Tow Mater, the famous tow truck from Cars, talks about the grand opening of Cars Land at Disneyland Resort.

The Happiest Place on Earth just got a whole lot happier with the June 15 opening of Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park. Tow Mater, the famous tow truck from the movie Cars, gave us the inside scoop, in his distinctive voice created by the famous comedian Larry the Cable Guy.

Q What can we expect at Cars Land?
Dadgum! You is gonna be able to race as fast as Lightning! Don’t you worry if you ain’t never done raced before, ’cause all my friends are gonna help get you ready. Best of all, Doc Hudson is gonna be your crew chief.

Q What’s up at Luigi and Guido’s Casa della Tires?
They got the most amazing tires you ever did see. They float on air. Yessiree, you hop on top of one of them tires and float around, spinning and bumpin’ into folks on other tires. And watch out, you never know who you might bump into.

Q I hear you’ve got something going on at your junkyard.
What I did was build me a jukebox out of junk from my junkyard, write me some songs, and start singing. Well wouldn’t you know it—a whole mess of little tractors that was causin’ mischief in town done heard me singing. Them little tractors roll right in and start to dance. They is still dancing, waiting for you to join ’em!

Q Now that you’re famous, have you changed?
The only thing I’ll ever change is my oil. Oh, and my coolant. And my tires. But I won’t be changing them for a while. Don’t tell Luigi—he’s always trying to get me into a new set of whitewalls.

Q Do you still rescue cars?
Rescuin’ is what I’m made for. If you ever need a tow, you know where to go. I’m open 42 hours a day, 18 days a week. Use my towing service once and you’ll be hooked.

Q With gas prices so high, do you have sticker shock?
Well, I’m never too shocked—unless I put my jumper cables on backwards. Done that more than a few times.

Q When we’re down at the Disneyland Resort, can we say hello?
You sure can, and I’ll say hello right back! That’s what friends do.

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This article was first published in July 2012. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.