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Good Directions

In Search of America's Worst Driver

RULES OF THE ROAD AAA has teamed up with the Travel Channel on a new reality series, America’s Worst Driver, that takes an entertaining look at a serious issue. Bad drivers—nominated by friends and families—tackle driving challenges meant to single out the most incompetent one in each of eight U.S. cities. San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles represent the West.

As the leading advocate of road safety for more than a century, AAA provides safe-driving tips for viewers during the shows. Each city’s bad example will move on to a finale in Los Angeles on May 9, when the worst of the worst will be named. The series, which began March 14, airs on Sundays.

Even the best drivers among us can benefit from cultivating a few basic safety habits. These three make a good start.

▪ Cut out distractions Don’t eat or drink, groom, adjust the radio, attend to children, talk or text on a cell phone, or pursue any other activity that diverts your attention from the task of driving.

▪ Drive predictably Avoid speeding, tailgating, and weaving through traffic; give yourself time and room to react to hazards and to avoid a crash.

▪ Cultivate an attitude Stay positive and calm. Aggressive driving endangers lives.




This article was first published in May 2010. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.