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Tips for Traveling with Multiple Generations

“The details take work, but you wind up with unforgettable memories.” —AAA Travel Counselor Paula Naruo

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Some activities work for the whole group, but make sure everyone has down time and gets to do something they like.

plan as a group

Don’t just set itineraries; establish expectations. “Everyone should get to do and see things they enjoy,” Naruo says, “just maybe not every second of every day.”

rent separate rooms

Togetherness is great, but so is alone time. “Renting a condo or a house gives you the best of both worlds,” Naruo notes. If you’re booking a hotel, ask for connecting rooms.

take turns as a guide

During a large family trip, Naruo traded off with others to lead the group. Sharing the responsibility means that everything doesn’t fall on one person.

consider ages

No need to drag the kids to a fancy dinner or haul Grandpa on a rigorous hike. “That’s what’s great about a cruise or an allinclusive resort vacation,” Naruo says. “There are activities for everyone.”

allow for independence

If some people want to hike and others want to go to a museum, that’s OK. Naruo suggests you do your own thing, then come back and enjoy each other’s company.

This article was first published in Fall 2016. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.

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