Editors' Picks: Travel Gear

Via staffers talk about their favorite gadgets to take along on the road.   

Canon EOS 300D camera, image

A good camera can help you capture those special travel moments.

I love my iPod (apple.com/itunes). Great music is essential for a great road trip. —Miriam Wild-Smith, intern

Laguiole pocketknife: One blade and a corkscrew (laguiole-french-knife.com). —Dan Warrick, senior editor

A few small cotton bags are a handy way to pack things separately. That way I always know what to reach for, whether I want some socks or the phone charger. —Eric Smillie, contributing editor

I like a GPS unit with up-to-date maps. I have a small device that comes in handy even on rural roads. —Megan Ma, intern

My Solumbra sun hat (solumbra.com). Its style is a cross between funky and dowdy, but the big brim covers me well and helps with overheating on the trail, too. —Leslie Endicott, senior editor

I carry an onyx keychain that I purchased in Denmark. Onyx is supposed to be the lucky stone for travelers, so I imagine it keeps me safe on my journeys. —Matthew Craggs, Events editor

Carmex lip balm (mycarmex.com). I never travel without it. —Christopher Hall, writer

Any camera, especially digital single lens reflex. I even take shots of memorable meals (sans people) and nicer hotel rooms. Children, dogs, and cats are always photogenic. —Tannie Soo Hoo, publication coordinator

I like to pack my bedroom slippers for every trip: I slip them on and feel like I’m at home no matter where I am. And now I travel with Trader Joe’s melatonin (traderjoes.com), in case the slippers don’t do the trick. — Bruce Anderson, editor

My iPhone—music, directions, alarm clock, cool apps (AAA road service, tip calculator, Yelp), and Internet in one package (apple.com/iphone). —Ron Evans, senior editor

Photography courtesy of Sven Storbeck/Wikipedia

This article was first published in November 2010. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.

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