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What's New in the West

Learn about the Gold Rush in Placerville, Calif., visit a new water park near Las Vegas, or see lions at Salt Lake City's Hogle Zoo.

Reader Tips

Dine with a view at 13 outdoor destinations in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah. 

How To

Learn how to keep your kids safe in the car from infancy through their teen years.

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Travel Planner

AAA Travel counselor Marina Axline offers tips for planning a memorable family reunion trip.

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Healthy Traveler

Q Should I hike with a walking stick—or even two walking sticks?

Trekking poles—whether made of carbon fiber or of sticks found by the trail—are a popular hiking accessory. They can make any walk feel like an adventure in the Alps. But do they actually help?

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Cool Keepsakes

Tribal works from Washington and British Columbia grace the Seattle Art Museum.

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Miss Malsy

While waiting in line at the airport, the guy in front of me waved several friends over and they cut right in. I fumed. Should I have said something?


Four words: First come, first served. If these guys wanted to be served at the check-in counter before you, they should have come to the airport earlier. It’s not as if you’d set your alarm . . .

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