California's Highway 152

Cruise from garlic fields in Gilroy to the Pacific along a 32-mile drive on California’s central coast.

A sign for Garlic World near Gilroy, California, image

Garlic World in Gilroy, Calif., sells fresh garlic bulbs and braids as well as oils and other products.

Red wines at Sarah's Vineyard in Gilroy, California, image

Sarah’s Vineyard in Gilroy, Calif., features red and white Rhone blends, among other vintages.

Apples for sale at Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville, California, image

Among the apples on display at Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville, Calif., are Fujis.

Succulents for sale at Sierra Azul Nursery & Gardens in Watsonville, California, image

Spiky Aloe saponaria is just one of the succulents for sale at Sierra Azul Nursery & Gardens in Watsonville, Calif.

Sunset at Moss Landing State Beach in Monterey County, California, image

Moss Landing State Beach in Monterey County, California, makes a stunning setting for watching the sun set.

Heated atrium at Phil's Fish Market in Moss Landing, California, image

Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing, Calif., serves popular chowder and cioppino in its heated atrium.


Take advantage of the area’s local amenities and services:

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From Gilroy, California’s Highway 152 weaves westward through Santa Cruz County and reaches Highway 1 just north of Moss Landing. A leisurely half-day drive takes you past 32 miles of undulating vineyards, stands of redwoods, and views of the mist-draped coastline, with opportunities to sample the region’s agricultural offerings at every turn. Area code is 831 except where noted.

  • GARLIC WORLD This roadside store two miles south of Gilroy on Highway 101, home to the world’s longest garlic braid, stocks such goodies as stuffed olives, chocolate-garlic ice cream, and organic fruit juices. (800) 537-6122,
  • SARAH'S VINEYARD A mile past Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, a gravel drive leads to this relaxed tasting room and grassy picnic spot at the foot of Mount Madonna. Genial staffers pour white and red Rhone blends and juicy pinot noir. (877) 447-4668,
  • GIZDICH RANCH Savor the sight of Watsonville’s orchards and berry fields as you descend from Hecker Pass, then turn left on Carlton Road for a stop at this family farm. Estate fruit flavors 14 kinds of pie—apple and olallieberry are crowd favorites. 722-1056,
  • SIERRA AZUL NURSERY AND GARDENS A stroll here reveals sculptures among swaying grasses and otherworldly succulents. Take home a dragonfly garden ornament or a pot of native sage. 763-0939,
  • MOSS LANDING STATE BEACH Just north of the landmark power plant, Elkhorn Slough and the ocean connect, making a prime spot for wildlife views. Sandpipers pepper the beach and seals, sea lions, and sea otters loll in the harbor. 649-2836,
  • PHIL'S FISH MARKET Bikers, golfers, and beach-buff families jostle in line here for cioppino, chowder, and fish and chips. Grab a table in the heated atrium, where salt breezes complement the fresh seafood. 633-2152,

Photographs by Courtney (Hildreth) Egger except succulents (Erin Klenow)

This article was first published in November 2007 and updated in May 2013. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.

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