SasaPops exotic fruit popsicles by Chill Spot of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada picture

These days tasty frozen fruit bars, pop ices, and paletas, the Spanish name for frosty sweets on a stick, are prepared using fresh, local ingredients.

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picture roasted and raw carrot dish at Coquine in Portland, Oregon

Enjoy vegetables as a main dish at many restaurants across the West, including Coquine in Portland, Ore., and Press in St. Helena, Calif.

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small dishes including pita and olives at Ba-Bite's Middle Eastern restaurant in Oakland picture
LYFE salmon dish with steamed fennel, red onion, broccoli, and tomato sauce, picture
Gather restaurant mushrooms, image
Amy's Drive-Thru box salad with quinoa, baked tofu, pumpkin seeds, and vegetables, picture

Five great local restaurants for light, healthy eating in the Bay Area offer a variety including quick meals and award-winning fine dining.

Food & Dining

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Pizzerias offer delicious, creative toppings in California, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah...

Wine & More

Ryan Saari brings beer, food, and charity together in an unusual pub in Portland, Ore....

Tipple on liquid summer in Montana.

The 100-mile round-trip between Anchorage and Portage gives guests plenty of time to toast...

Hard cider fans are creating wild tastes with unusual varieties of heirloom apples.

Wineries abound in cities across California, Oregon, Utah, and Idaho.

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