VIA Contributors

Behind every VIA article there's an intrepid reporter risking sunburn on an exotic Tahitian cruise, indigestion on San Francisco's best food tours, and over-exfoliation in the West Coast's most relaxing spas. These are the men and women who lived to tell the tale.

Steve Wulf

In the late 1960s and early '70s, Steve Wulf and Tom Vilsack were classmates and friends at Hamilton College in upstate New York. Steve became a writer (for Sports Illustrated and Time magazines) and later executive editor (for ESPN The Magazine); Tom became governor of Iowa. Steve therefore was the perfect person to trek to Iowa to call on Governor Vilsack and commune with the ghosts of Buddy Holly, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, and John Wayne for "State of Dreams", an article exploring the surprisingly sundry attractions that draw pilgrims to the Hawkeye State.