VIA Contributors

Behind every VIA article there's an intrepid reporter risking sunburn on an exotic Tahitian cruise, indigestion on San Francisco's best food tours, and over-exfoliation in the West Coast's most relaxing spas. These are the men and women who lived to tell the tale.

Kim Olson

San Francisco-based freelance writer Kim Olson artfully finagled her first gig while still in college—a technical writing position for which, as a liberal arts major, she was completely unqualified. Friends and family were supportive, reassuring her, "Don't worry. No one ever reads those software manuals, anyway."

Later, she worked as an editor in the publishing industry for a few years before striking out on her own. Kim has written about everything from pet therapy to robotic surgery to international etiquette. For Via, she has added a wide variety of topics to her burgeoning list, including volunteer travel opportunities, how to avoid high hotel phone bills, getting the best hotel room rates, getting healthcare when you travel, and exotic group trips for people 50 and over.