VIA Contributors

Behind every VIA article there's an intrepid reporter risking sunburn on an exotic Tahitian cruise, indigestion on San Francisco's best food tours, and over-exfoliation in the West Coast's most relaxing spas. These are the men and women who lived to tell the tale.

John Poppy

Back when he was the youngest senior editor the old Look magazine ever had, John Poppy gathered up his courage in a restaurant in Blackpool, England, and sent back a bottle of wine—or tried to. "What! Let me taste that," the waiter exclaimed. "Oh, it'll be better with food." John wavered; the wine stayed. Today it wouldn't. Since then, John has written more than 150 articles for major magazines; been Esquire's health columnist (1987 through 1990); collaborated on seven books and edited nine, including one nominated for the National Book Award; edited Saturday Review of the Arts and produced books and custom-published periodicals for Time Inc.; and joined Via as executive editor, where he remained before retiring in 2011. He and the waiter for his "Really Haute Cuisine" dinner in Las Vegas got along fine.