VIA Contributors

Behind every VIA article there's an intrepid reporter risking sunburn on an exotic Tahitian cruise, indigestion on San Francisco's best food tours, and over-exfoliation in the West Coast's most relaxing spas. These are the men and women who lived to tell the tale.

Jeannette Ferrary


Jeannette Ferrary learned the true meaning of "It's the Cheese" when her California cheese article generated responses from her garage mechanic, her mailman—even her ex-husband. After answering all the fan mail, Jeannette went head to thistle with the thorniest denizen of the vegetable world: the artichoke. Not one to be easily dissuaded, Jeannette ransacked the history of berries in her quest for the origins of the mysterious bumbleberry. A Bay Area food writer, Jeannette is the author of seven books, including MFK Fisher and Me: A Memoir of Food and Friendship and A Good Day for Soup. She is currently working on a book about California olive oil, inspired by her article in the January issue. She teaches food writing courses at UC-Berkeley extension in San Francisco.

Jeannette has also written other travel pieces for VIA: the Incredible Shrinking Salad, a testimony to little leafy edibles; Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto, a street loaded with delis, cafes, and restaurants; and Garlic, the spicy lowdown on the world's favorite bulblet.