Hwy. 1: Beer, views, and more in Half Moon Bay

Road Journals Blog—The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company in Pillar Point Harbor, Calif., popular among locals, is famous for more than its beer. It’s known for its steamed prawns and crabs, hot music acts from Thursday through Sunday, and for its curious “Brews and Views” events on the first Thursday of each month.

Bay Area folks are famous for opinionated takes on politics, and a couple pints can make their views a little more “stout,” so to speak.

Still, the neighborhood feel of the brewpub keeps the discussion both civil and lively. The pub is tucked between surf and fishing shops, commercial boat moors, and some retail parking lots in the mixed-use harbor area. The wooden interior is typical brewpub, with sports on TV and a mix of patrons bellied up to the bar and eating full meals.

An outdoor terrace allows visitors the chance to enjoy some sunshine (on those days the area isn't submerged in the frequent marine layer of fog) and to bring their dogs along, a feature many locals take advantage of while they chat about surf breaks, the latest crab catches, or an upcoming Brews and Views political debate.

Be sure to sample some of their rotating specialty beers, ranging from light wheat with a banana aroma (perhaps in a nod to the endemic regional banana slugs) to a pumpkin pale ale for the fall season, or a dark porter to combat the chill of a winter sea breeze.

This blog post was first published in February 2011. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.