Tide pools (and Twilight): Taking a Bite of Forks, Wash.

Road Journals Blog—I drove into the tiny Olympic Peninsula town of Forks, Wash., the other day. Haven’t heard of Forks? Clearly you don’t have a teenage kid, or even know a teenage kid. Here’s the sign that greeted me.

Forks is the setting for the phenomenally popular Twilight series of novels and movies about a human teenage girl, Bella Swan, and her beau, Edward Cullen, who inconveniently happens to be a vampire. Edward and his family are good vampires, who, unlike the bad ones, have renounced blood-sucking. There are werewolves, too, members of the local Quileute Indian tribe who protect humans from vampires, but only on their reservation lands. Are you following me?

At any rate, I drove into Forks knowing it had experienced an uptick in visitors, but was totally unprepared for the sight of hundreds of teen fans in Twilight-themed clothing, touring Twilight sites, buying loads of Twilight souvenirs, and attending a “Bella Birthday Bash” in a local club. Check out www.twilightontheolympicpeninsula.com for all the Twilight-related sites in the area, including this sign at the Forks Community Hospital, where Edward’s fictional father works as a doctor.

A group of Twilight fans—dressed as their favorite characters—insisted I have my photo taken with them, and here it is. (I’m the one dressed as a human journalist.).

Christopher Hall stopped into Forks while researching his article, "Pool party," which appears on the cover of the March/April issue of VIA.

This blog post was first published in January 2011. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.