Welcome to Road Journals

Hi. Welcome to Road Journals, Via’s brand-new blogging site. I’m Bruce Anderson, the editor of Via, and my goal for Road Journals is to give you a behind-the-scenes look into how stories in our magazine and on our website come together—or, occasionally, fall apart.

Road Journals will be the place where Via writers, photographers, and editors share what they’re working on and explain what stories they have on the horizon. You’ll learn, for example, how writer Christopher Hall selected the tide pools he visited for his cover story in the March issue—which experts he talked with, what he was looking for, what he tried to avoid. (And you’ll be able to see photographer David Collier’s stunning outtakes from that story.)

Christopher will also tell you about stumbling into rabid fans of the Stephanie Meyer Twilight saga as he visited Forks, Wash., while reporting his tide pool story.

Wyoming-based writer Dina Mishev, who just finished a piece on Grand Teton National Park for us, will tell you where she likes to head for a drink at the end of a camping trip. Via regular Chris Woolston discusses the battles over the museum at Little Bighorn, close to his home in Billings, Mont.

Road Journals will also give you the opportunity to talk to us in real time—to post comments on our blogs, to tell us what we got right (thanks!) and suggest what we might have muffed, and to offer suggestions on where our writers should eat, sleep, and play when they’re on the road reporting future stories.

So settle in and enjoy the ride.


This article was first published in January 2011. Some facts may have aged gracelessly. Please call ahead to verify information.


Love the digital version of VIA. Any chance of getting it as an Ipad App? Also love the blog idea but how about leaving a space to publish member guest blog articles. They can submit to VIA and the editors can screen them or edit them a bit and publish. I think this would be a great way to build in a community feel and enhance read engagement. Five gold stars for scoring the Bakesale Betty Chicken Sandwich recipe!!!