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To excite, to inform, and to entertain Western travelers; to lay bare the secrets of destinations around the globe, across the country, and, most often, just down the road; to satiate and gratify the armchair traveler and, especially, to spark active travelers to pick up the phone, grab a mouse, or trek to the nearest AAA travel agency and begin making plans for their next trip.


Road Trips

In-depth, actionable articles for travelers in the western United States and sometimes beyond.

Food and Wine

Tips on restaurants, cafes, and food festivals, plus wine country, breweries, tea shops, and other tasty treats.


Information about thousands of fairs, art exhibits, and craft shows, all over the West, as well as food, music, and film festivals. New events added daily.


Issues back to 1996.

Current Issue

The most recent articles

A Magazine Retrospective

In 1917, the growing California State Automobile Association created a new magazine, California Motorist, as a way to communicate with its members. After the club extended into Nevada in 1918, the California Motorist became Motor Land and began offering monthly coverage of cars and attractions plus poster-quality covers that reflected both the times and the club’s tireless work to improve motoring. Motor Land quickly developed into a car-and-travel publication and launched its popular upcoming events listing in 1930. By the 1950s, Motor Land switched to a bimonthly publication, color photography became the rule and coverage expanded to focus on a variety of locations. Motor Land continued honing this formula into the 1990s when its name changed to today’s Via magazine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join AAA?

There are three ways to sign up for AAA Membership:

  • Join online
  • Call 800-922-8228 (California, Nevada, Utah); 888-422-2503 (Oregon and Idaho); 877-222-2045 (Montana, Wyoming, Alaska)
  • Visit your local AAA branch

I've moved. How do I get Via at my new address?

You can change your address by calling 800-922-8228 (California, Nevada, Utah); 888-422-2503 (Oregon and Idaho); 877-222-2045 (Montana, Wyoming, Alaska). Please allow four weeks for the change to take effect for Via.

I'm a AAA member, but I don't receive Via. How can I start getting it?

If you live outside our circulation area (Northern California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, and southern Idaho), you receive a different AAA publication. If you do live within our circulation area and are not receiving the magazine, please contact our AAA membership department at 800-922-8228 (California, Nevada, Utah); 888-422-2503 (Oregon and Idaho); 877-222-2045 (Montana, Wyoming, Alaska).

I didn't receive my latest issue of Via. How can I get a copy?

Please email us at viamail@viamagazine.com. Be sure to include your complete name and current mailing address in the email.

More than one AAA member in my house gets a copy of Via. How can we arrange to receive only one?

Please call the AAA Membership department at 800-922-8228 (California, Nevada, Utah); 888-422-2503 (Oregon and Idaho); 877-222-2045 (Montana, Wyoming, Alaska). 

Why is my housemate receiving Via at the same address and I'm not?

A majority of members who share a household prefer that we send only one copy. If you prefer to receive your own copy, please email us at viamail@viamagazine.com. Be sure to include your complete name, current mailing address, and membership number in the email.

How can I cancel my subscription to Via?

Call 800-922-8228 (California, Nevada, Utah); 888-422-2503 (Oregon and Idaho); 877-222-2045 (Montana, Wyoming, Alaska). Please allow four weeks for your request to be processed.

I'm not a member of AAA. Can I still subscribe to Via?

Unfortunately, you cannot subscribe you or others to Via unless you are a member. We used to offer a subscription program, but can no longer sustain it.

Who writes for Via?

Articles for the magazine are written by professional writers as well as the Via staff. For a list of Viawriters and their articles, go to our Contributors page.

Do you accept story and photo submissions?

We work primarily with professional journalists. Writers can request our submission guidelines by emailing viamail@viamagazine.com. Professional photographers can send a link to an online portfolio to viamail@viamagazine.com.

How can I comment on an article in the magazine or on the website?

If you have comments, or if you’ve found something that’s incorrect in the magazine or the site, please email us at viamail@viamagazine.com.

Technical problems with the site should be directed to support@csaa.com.

How can I find past Via articles?

Our website only has articles dating back to January/February 1996. Please note that not all articles that appear in the print version of Via are on the website. Also, some articles that become outdated may also be removed from the site.

How can I submit an event to the Via events calendar? Is there a fee? What are the submission deadlines?

Submitting events to Via is free for everyone. The easiest way to be considered for inclusion in the events calendar is to use our online events submission form at http://www.viamagazine.com/submitevent. Events and press releases can also be mailed to:

Events Editor, Via 
P.O. Box 24502
Oakland, CA 94623

The deadline for Via online is 30 days prior to the first day of the event. Deadlines for the print magazine are six months in advance of the issue date.

Why am I prompted to enter my zip code when I enter the website?

AAA National requires the zip code wall for all AAA clubs.

Does Via cover only hotels, restaurants, and attractions that are AAA-approved?

No. Our research is independent of AAA lodging and dining inspections. That said, a good restaurant is a good restaurant, and often the places we recommend are also recommended in AAA TourBooks.

How can I place an advertisement in Via?

For the information you need, call the advertising department at 510-596-5354, faxing your request to 877-406-0222, or writing to:

Via Advertising
1900 Powell St., Suite 1200
Emeryville, CA 94608

If I am dissatisfied with products or services advertised in Via, whom should I contact?

Any concerns about a Via advertiser should be directed to the Via advertising department at 510-596-5354. You can also send a fax to, 877-406-0222 or write to:

Via Advertising
1900 Powell St suite 1200
Emeryville, CA 94608

Why did you change your name from Motorland to Via?

As our magazine evolved beyond its car-oriented roots, the title Motorland became outdated. As one reader put it, “I picture this guy in a 1932 Oldsmobile with an open top, goggles, and a white cap wearing a duster.” We wanted a name that suggested today’s kind of travel—by plane and cruise ship, by walking shoe and road bike, by rickshaw and dugout canoe, as well as by car. We came up with Via (pronounced VEE-uh), which means “the way” or “by way of”—a perfect fit for a magazine that is “the way” to learn more about travel.